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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best of Ebay!

Ok, I'm attempting to start a semi-regular column here, folks. When I feel so inclined, I'll share with you some of the current best Ebay deals. All you have to do is search for them (not sure if I can legally put the seller's info on my site). Ready? GO!

The first one is DVF and if it wasn't an XS I'd be bidding on it myself. Currently it's under $10! Current bid...$10.49! And it comes with the tags still on, which considering the tag says its worth $600+ is one hell of a bargain

On the left is a GORGEOUS See by Chloe (drool) top, which again, is missing my bid due to tininess. Current bid...$15.00

Finally we have this cute coral tunic, perfect to throw on at the pool or beach, or to wear with a belt out on the town! Current bid...$7.49.
So there you go. Bid on them now before they go, because I GUARENTEE they will.
Did I spell guarentee right?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Hello all! Apologies abound for my absence, but I have good reason! I was sidetracked for most of May by the fashion show the boutique I work for put on. It turned out AMAZING, and while I didn't get to see the actual show (I was backstage furiously changing models and making sure they have jewelry on and their boobs were inside the clothes), my boss was thrilled with it, so that made it all worth while.

Anyways, summer is on! It's already getting hot and muggy here in Northern VA, and while I dread those sticky days of July and August, it's just the right temperatures to have the windows open and let the cool night breeze enter my room. Aaahhhh..
But of course, new summer clothes are all over the place, some gorgeous, and others...well...let's just say I'm a little surprised by the number of designers sending kaftans down the runway. First of all, those things can only be worn by the smallest percentage of the population: Skinny girls (cause anyone bigger than a 4 would look lumpy in one), and girls who live in Miami or the Hamptons. That's it! And secondly, I can't believe that beach wear popularized by older women living in Palm Beach is supposedly back in fashion! Ugh. But let's take a look at said kaftans anyways.
The kaftans are by (Left to Right, top row first): Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Matthew Williamson, Missoni, Pucci, Alice Temperley, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Antik Batik. My favorite is definitely the Matthew Williamson one, it reminds me of some romantic Victorian country dress. If it was just a foot shorter it could be so deliciously wearable...ah well. The DVF and Missoni ones aren't too bad, but the Pucci and de la Renta ones look took Palm Beach for me, and the Michael Kors one looks like a kimono. I just don't get it...

Moving on, bigger pictures of the dresses can be found at my fave web-window shopping spot, I hope I'll have the inspiration to get back to regular posting, but inspiration is a fickle muse, dears.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Unofficial color(s) of Spring '08: NEON! due to a painful and extremely inconvenient cyst on my tailbone (ouch x 10) I haven't been doing much sitting, so the blog has gone without posts for over a week now...but it looks like no one's reading it so I'm not too worried about mobs of drooling CaptainVee followers coming after me.

This spring, gorgeous hues of neon and uber-brights have hit the runway and the streets; I love seeing trends like this come along because they are much more accessible to those of us without disposable incomes.

(Left to right) 3.1 Philip Lim, Dsquared2 and Zac Posen all chose to incorporate little touches and/or individual pieces that were vibrantly neon in their collections. Jill Stuart, however, made her entire Spring '08 collection about neon! She also draped sheer, gauzy fabrics over her garments, showcasing another gorgeous Spring trend. The girl is on top of things!

I wish I could wear the gray and orange outfit on the center bottom for a picnic in the park with my charming and handsome boyfriend. Unfortunately, I don't have the outfit or the boyfriend.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Official Color of Spring: Green!!!

Ok. So the green I'm talking about isn't technically a color. It's green as in eco-friendly, something that's being talked about constantly these days (which is def. a good thing!). Plenty of designers are showing pieces made with recycled materials, and some designers like Linda Loudermilk (#1 best name EVER) are doing nothing but eco-friendly pieces. Loudermilk's clothing is made entirely from all natural fabrics made of Japanese leaves called sasawashi, bamboo, sea cell, soya, and other plants. She also makes pieces she feels connect the wearer with the earth. Her website has the following mission statement:

"Nature may be beautiful. But nature is not pretty. Think about it. Domesticate the land: Thresh it, pave it, put up stoplights and call it Sunset Boulevard; nature knows better than all that. In one terrible instant it could all be gone. The foundation shakes. The earth takes the sidewalks into its growling maw. Gone. Later, flowers will grow where once there was a strip mall. And the flowers will be beautiful, because nature makes no apologies for itself. Nature is the original punk."
How great is that? And surprisingly her garments are incredibly wearable and cute. Even Maison Martin Margiela (who I knocked in my last post) has some recycled items. Check out this blog to read more and see pics:

MMM has some fun jewelry that uses normal household items like soda can pop tops and wine corks. I'm not positive that the pop tops are real, but they still have a very cool, earthy, "I only eat Tofu" kinda way. Plus, you can always make them yourself if you don't want to pay $695 (actual price for the pop top necklace!). Not that I recommend copying....

And remember those braided headbands I was recommending making a few posts ago? Great way to use old scrap of fabric or even the remains of a dress long deceased. Recycle your clothes and you can create a brand new wardrobe for free!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Maison Martin Margiela...not quite sure how I feel yet

Ok. So I took a look at the Spring '08 collection from Maison Martin Margiela (who used to be the head designer for Hermes), and I gotta say...I don't really get it. I've always felt that I could appreciate fashion as art even if the piece isn't something I'd wear or even particularly care for. But MMM's done an entire collection based around colorblocked Spanx and cheesy horse t-shirts. I mean...come on...really? The first two looks are the ones I'm referring to as Spanx, and the third just kinda looks like she managed to barely escape an attack by a very short lion. The fourth look is ok; MMM's following that trend of super boxy structured looks like Balenciaga's corset dress (the one Jennifer Connelly wears in the ads). I actually do like the last one, it's sleek and elegant, which I guess it what he was going for with the whole collection.

Next, however...we have the big problem. MMM is suggesting we wear the dress version of those horrible animal shirt that only hicks and math nerds wear. The same kind that I'm sure a number of hideous velvet "paintings" depicted.

Ready for MMM's take on the classic?

And here the runway version:
Seeing a connection? Am I wrong to not get it?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Braided Headbands

I'm kind of in love with this new trend. I've been deeing braided headbands everywhere recently and I think they are the perfect way for the vintage timid to try something new. As the bohomian trend quiets down in some aspects, and changes course in others, hair accessories are quickly becoming an easy way to add a touch of something different to your outfit. The first two are from Urban Outfitters, and the third is Free People. I like the free people one the best, and I'm slowly working up the courage to wear headbands over my hair on my forehead. I found some cute terry cloth ones from a company called Unique Sports Accessories ( I can just imagine them with a summery vintage dress and leather sandals; very Chloe Sevigny. They're cheap enough to buy a few in different colors.
Of course, the cheapest way to achieve the look is also a big trend right now: french braiding your own hair across the side.
Molly Sims has a more dressed up look, Ashley Olsen's got her little Swiss milk maid thing going with a braid all the way around the crown of her head, and Lauren Conrad's hair is a slightly more casual version of Molly's. I myself have been rocking this look, although until I learn how to french braid I'm cheating by just pinning back a braid starting at my temple. Ah well.

As soon as I find my camera I'll take some pictures of the braided headband I made the other night. I also made a belt the same way, though I don't recommend wearing them at the same time. Ew.

Later Gators

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Circus crazy

Is anyone else totally in love with Miu Miu's new harlequin inspried clothes? They are so bold and crazy I'd be afraid to wear them in public amongst normal people, though I feel like a hot NYC party or fashion show would be a perfect place to try them out. Not that I can afford Miu Miu...but anyways.

The first dress is my favorite. It's Miu Miu's harlequin bubble tunic, and I swear it has every color of the rainbow. I'd wear it with some gladiator heels, like the ones Carrie wears in the Sex and the City movie trailer (which I'm pretty much dying of excitement over). I can't remember the label (I swore they were Balenciaga, but I think I'm wrong), but Nine West makes a great look-alike pair for a lot less than Ms. Bradshaw's surely are. There's also another Harlequin top, but the colors are far darker and I definitely prefer the brighter one.Matthew Williamson also has a circus inspired dress, but it's not as bright and crazy as Miu Miu's desgins.

Lastly, Miu Miu made a fabulous leather tote to go along with their new found inspiration. I can practically smell the soft leather.....